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Postal services

Postal services

Postal services

There are post-offices in every town and nearly every village in the country. If you want to post an ordinary letter or a postcard, you need not go to the post-office, you can drop it into the nearest pillar-box. If you want to send a telegram, you can either take it to the nearest post-office or dictate it over the telephone. Pillar-boxes are emptied twice a day.

If you want your letter to arrive more quickly than by ordinary post, you can send it by Air Mail. Letters are delivered to your home or office by a postman, and telegrams by a telegraph boy. When we want to send a letter, we must write the address on the envelope and stick the required stamps on it. For a registered letter, an air-mail letter or an ordinary letter to another country, we must stick more stamps on the envelope.

In most post-offices and also in many streets, there are public call-boxes from which you can telephone. All you have to do is to lift the receiver, drop a counter in the slot and dial the number.

If you want to send a parcel, you must go to the post-office, hand it to the assistant, who weighs it on scales and gives you the necessary stamps. The amount you have to pay depends on the weight of the parcel.

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