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Business English, учебник F.W. King, Units 3-6, для специальности Мировая экономика

Business English, учебник F.W. King, Units 3-6, для специальности Мировая экономика


[6] An enquiry from an import/export agent on behalf of a Client
A. B. White & CO. Ltd. 567 Queen Street
Import and Export London, EC4 8YH
Directors: A.B. White, 7.0. Pearson Telephone: 4946130
JR/ph 31 January 197S
The Exaelso Company Ltd. High Uyoombe, Bucks. B34 1WE
We have just received an enquiry from a multi-national organisation owning several luxury hotels in East Africa. They care opening а пеы hotel next springs and have asked us to submit quotations for furniture and fittings in aooopdanoe with the attached list.
The articles in question must be hard-nearing'and up-to-date in design, and delivery by February of next year is essential. Vill you please let us lovm, therefore, whether you will be able to complete, an order for the. quantities required-within the time at your disposal.
He will also be glad to have an estimate for the number of containers required and the approximate cost of packing.
Please let us have your quotation as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully

[5] Enquiry from an export merchant who has not been able to obtain satisfactory deliveries from his regular suppliers

A.ZIMMERLIA.G. Import-Export Mschants ZURICH

Messrs. W.H. Strong ana Co.
73 Crimea Road
London SE25 3NF
Zhgland 23 april
Dear Sirs
We have been given your nane by our aRanclntgis' J.J. Hieller of Basle, «ho iJifoan us that they have been doing business with you for sane fifteen years. Me asked than if they knew of a manufacturer «ho might be able to supply at very short notice the articles specified on the enclosed list, and they advised us to contact you.
He can explain 1л confidence that our nonnal supplier has rather let us down1 on delivery dates this year, and we are in clanger of getting Into arrean^with seine of our overseas contracts.
If. you can supply the goods we require, please accept: this as our older.
Payment will be made in accordance with your usual tezms of business.
We hope you will be able to help us In this instance, and can add that if your products and tanoe are as oompetiti've ae we have been led to believe, we will be interested in a long-term contract with you.
We would appreciate a reply by telex.

[4] Enquiry from an import agent in India to a British export manufacturer


General Import Merchants


Weatherproof Ltd. Newtown Liverpool L30 7KE
We have now been importing your "Litewate" raincoats for a number of years, and our trade connections throughout India have bean more than satisfied with the garments.
However, two от three Indian manufacturers have recently launched ultra- lightweight models, and these are catching en' very fast. In view of the increased competition this involves, we wander whether you have considered marketing a coat of rather lighter material than the "Literate", but equally waterproof. A garment of this type would have a large sale in this country if you could offer it at a competitive price, that. is to say not more than Ј3.50 for a man's model, and slightly less for a woman's. You will be interested to learn that raincoats being produced here suffer from one major drawback, namely excessive condensation on the inside surface.
We would be grateful for your preliminary comnents as soon as possible.
Yours faithfully

[3] Letter to an agent
Photographic Dealer DURBAN
J. White « Co. Ltd.
254 Smuts Avenue
Cape Town 5 May
Dear Sirs
I see fxcm the Camera Review that you are the South African agents for
Messrs. Derby and Sens of London.
Would you please send me price lists and catalogues for all DERVIEW products you stock, as well as details of discounts and terms of payment.
Are you prepared to grant special terms for annual orders totalling В
35,000 in value?
I would appreciate a visit from your representative when he is next in the
Durban area: perhaps he could bring sane samples of DERVIEW colour transparencies, which are attracting a good deal of Interest here.
I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully
[2] From an Australian engineering concern to a British supplier
HS/ja 25 Jun» 1978
The Aluminium Alloy Co. Ltd. 79 Prince Albert St. Birmingham B21 8DJ Great
We have seen your advertisement in The Metal Worker, and would be grateful if you would kindly send. us details of your aluminium fittings.
Please quote us for the supply of the items listed on the enclosed enquiry fon», giving your prices, c.i.f. Melbourne. Will you please also indicate delivery tines, your terms of payment, and details of discounts for regular purchases and large orders.
Our annual requirements for metal fittings are considerable, and we may be able to place substantial orders with you if your prices are competitive and your deliveries prompt.
We look forward to receiving your quotation.
Yours faithfully
[1] From a French importer of fashion goods to a British exporter
Imfwrlfrs of Fasliimi Goods Avenue Ravigny 14
PARfS Paris XV
JdP/AG 12 October 1978
The Western Shoe Co. Ltd. Yeovil. Somerset S19 3AF
Dear Sirs We have heard from the British Embassy in Paris that you are producing for export hand-made shoes and gloves in natural materials.
There is a steady demand in France for high-quality goods of this type.
Sales are not high, but a good price can be obtained for fashionable, designs.
Will you please send us your catalogue and full details of your export prices and terms of payment, together with samples of leathers used in your articles and» if possible, specimens of some of the articles themselves.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.Yours faithfully FOURNIER ET CIE


[1] Reply to letter no. 2, page 23 Aluminium Alloy Co. Ltd. Birmingham

79 Prince Albert St. Birmingham B21 8DJ Great Britain

The Jameson Construction Co. Pty.
2 July 1978 Harbour, Road

Melbourne в Australia We thank you for your letter of 25 June, and are glad to inform you that all the items listed in your enquiry are in stock» We are enclosing a pro— forma invoice for the aluminium fittings you are interested in: if you wish to place a firm order, will you please arrange for settlement of the invoice by draft through your bank, and advise us at the same time. We can guarantee delivery in Melbourne within 3 weeks of receiving your instructions. If you require the items urgently, we will arrange for them to be sent by air, but this will, of course, entail higher freight charges.

We are enclosing details of our terms of payment, and would be happy to discuss discounts with you if you would kindly let us know how large yow orders are likely to be. We are also enclosing a copy of the report, which appeared in the Haroh issue of The
Metal Worker, on our ALUUOZ fittings. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and assure you that your orders will receive our immediate attention.
Yours faithfully

[2] Reply to letter no. 3, page 24
Photographic Supplies CAPE TOWN

7 May 1978
James Scott
Photographic Dealer
Dear mr Scott
Many thanks far your letter of 5 May. We are interested to hear that you saw our advertisement tn the Camera Review, and appreciate your interest In the DEEWIEK products we stock.
Wfe are enclosing our Terms of Business, where you will find details of our quarterly discounts, and our price list for the complete range of EERVtEW products. йе you will see, we can grant special leans for orders of the value you mention.
I will be in Durban lyself on 17 May, and will be happy to call on you at any time in the afternoon. Perhaps you would like to let he kno» whether this is convenient. I will, of course, bring the complete range of LtWIEW colour transparencies, which are described 1л the catalogue we have sent you today.
I am locking forward to meeting you. Yours faithfully

[3] Suggested reply to letter no. 6, page 27 which was an enquiry made through a buying agent
The Excelso Company Ltd.
Specialists in Modern Design Directors: J. Corner, B. Edge
High Wycombe, Bucks.
Telephone: 04946130
Our RefiH/flSO Your Ref-.JR/ph 3 February 1978
Attention Miss Jennifer Ring, Overseas Dept.
A.B. White & Co. Ltd.
567 Queen Street
London EC4 8YH
Dear Sirs
We thank you for your enquiry of 31 January, and can confirm our telephone conversation of yesterday, in which we informed you that we can deliver part of the goods required from Stock, in accordance with the enclosed detailed offer. Por the balance we would require approximately three weeks from the date of receiving your confirmation that this arrangement is acceptable.
Prices as quoted are f.o.b. London.
Packing in wooden cases.
Delivery as specified above.
Payment against documents, by banker's draft.
We hope your client will find our terms and delivery dates satisfactory, and we can assure you that yon may count on our full co-operation and attention in this matter.
Yours faithfully

[4] Dear Sirs
We are very glad to have your letter of 1 December and to hear that you have been receiving enquiries about our Weatherproof coats. The Utewate range you mention has been a great success wherever it has been introduced, and we are already exporting it to several tropical countries, in both Asia and Africa. Unlike many waterproof coats, the Utewate does not cause excessive condensation on the inside surface, and so would be suitable for your climate. We can quote you the following prices: f p
250 Litewate coats, women's, medium

375 00 250 „ „ „ small

375 00 250 „ „ men's, medium

493 75 250 „ „ „ small

431 25

F.O.B. Liverpool 1,675 00 Freight
50 20 Insurance

18 30

1,743 50
We will be able to ship the raincoats within 2-3 weeks of receiving your order.
We are grateful to you for your suggestion concerning an ultra-lightweight coat for the Indian market, and are pleased to inform you that we have been looking into the question of a suitable material for some time now. Our
Research Department assure us that they will have a model ready in the very near future, and we will come back to the matter as soon as we have some definite news for you.
We are enclosing full details of our terms of business, and have sent you by separate post a set of descriptive brochures of our products, and a supply of sales literature.
We look forward to hearing from you again.
Yours faithfully
[5] From a manufacturer to a large retailer
Manufacturers of Plasticware Melox House

RBG/hk 12 January 1978
Messrs. L. Thoms & Son
150 Beachview Avenue
Bournemouth H77 60P
Dear Sirs
We are very pleased to have your enquiry, and are enclosing the price-list you requested, together with our terms of sale.
As you have evidently realized, plastic kitchenware Is here to stay -it has already ousted heavy and expendable metal, glass and china from the modern kitchen. Dealere who have displayed our brightly coloured range have reported good sales even in the present season, when hardware sales are usually at their lowest.
After studying our prices and our liberal teme to the trade, you will understand why we are working to capacity to meet the demand. We would advise you, therefore, to let us have your order by the end of the month, as this will enable you to have stocks of our attractive lines by Easter.
We look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you.
Yours faithfully

[6] Dear Sirs
In your letter of 1 May you ask us to send you samples ot ow rubberised floor coverings tor use on rough surfaces. We appreciate your interest, and have today despatched a range of qualities which we have selected specially to meet your needs.
All of these materials are robust and hard-wearing, and we particularly recommend no. 7—COMPO—which is a synthetic substance developed by our research department to withstand the wear and tear of rough and uneven floors.
Please give the samples any test you wish: we are confident that they will stand up to the roughest handling.
Our price-list is enclosed with this letter, together with our trade terms, as we think you will need these when you have completed your tests. It will be a pleasure to quote you terms lor contact supplies, and our technical representatives are at your service at all times.
Yours faithfully

A request for a special discount may call for some thought, and a counter- proposal may be made in reply, as in letter no. 7.
[7] Dear Sirs.
Many thanks for your letter of 15 July, in which you ask us for an extra discount of 24% over and above the usual trade discounts in connection with your order for 30,000 envelopes no. 2M.
While we appreciate your order, we feel we must point out that our prices have already been cut to.the minimum possible, and that envelopes are unobtainable elsewhere at these rates.
However, we woutel be willing to allow you a special 2-4% discount if you could see your way to increasing your order to 50,000.
We await your reply. Yours faithfully

[8] Offer of Brazilian coffee Dear Sirs
You will be interested to hear that we have been able to obtain a further supply of Brazilian coffee of the same quality as that we supplied you with last year. The total consignment is only 10,000 kg., and we are pleased to offer it to you at 60p per kg. With the increases in freight charges which become effective next month, the next consignment will be rather dearer, so we recommend you to take advantage of this offer, which is firm for five days only, and to telex your order without delay.
Yours faithfully

[9] French wine exporter's offer to British importer Dear Sirs
Messrs. Hankinson and Co. of Towgate St., with whom we have been doing business for a number of years, have informed us that you will probably be replenishing your stocks of French white wines in the near future.
You will already know that we had an exceptionally good season in 1973, and that the fine quality of our white vintages of that year is renowned both in your country and in ours.
We are now shipping these wines, and would be very glad to welcome you as customers. Our full export price-list is enclosed, but we would like to draw your attention particularly to our
White Bordeaux @ Ј60.00 per gross bottles, and
Sauteme @ Ј70.00 „ ,, ,,
These wines have always sold very wett in Britain, and the prices quoted above for bulk purchase will enable you to sell at highly competitive prices, while obtaining a good margin of profit.
We will be pleased to supply you with a first order against settlement within 30 days of date of invoice, and with 21% discount. Immediate shipment from Bordeaux Is guaranteed.
We advise you to place your order promptly, since we expect considerable response from other foreign customers to this special offer.
Yours faithfully

[10] Fruit broker's offer to wholesaler Dear Sirs
Confirming our telephone conversation of this morning, we are pleased to be able to offer you the following South African fruit, which arrived yesterday with the S.S. Durham Castle:
300 boxes 'Early Rivers' plums Ј0.55 per box
100 boxes 'Golden Glory' peaches Ј1.10 per box
200 boxes 'Prime Yellow' apricots Ј0.50 per box.
These brands are well known to you, and the consignment in question is well up to the high quality of previous years. The fruit is excellently packed and would reach you in perfect condition.
We would be glad to send the goods by rail on receipt of your order, which should be sent by telephone or telex. The price includes carriage, and is firm for 24 hours only. Yours faithfully

[11] Battery manufacturer’s offer to overseas dealer


Amperlite Ltd.
146 O'Leary St.
Dublin 2
Ireland 27 December
Dear Sirs
Improved methods of production enable us to offer you our range of Drilite batteries at a reduced price for large quantities.
Details of the new prices for your market are enclosed, and you will see that the average price reduction is 5%. As our prices are quoted c.i.f.
Dublin, you will agree that they are considerably lower than those of manufacturers of similar batteries, both here in Japan and elsewhere.
The quality of our products remains the same - only the finest chemicals are used. The new prices are for minimum orders of Ј1,000 and are effective as from 1 January. Immediate despatch is guaranteed, and we hold ample s tocks.
We appreciate your past custom, and look forward to supplying you in the new year at the new prices.
Yours faithfully

[12] Circular from a large store informing customers of sale of stocks at reduced prices Dear Sir or Madam
On 1 June this year we are moving to larger and more modem premises at nos.
50-55 Oxford Street. Our business has grown so considerably in recent years that we can no longer provide our customers with the service we are used to giving them in our present building.
In view of this move we are selling off our entire stock at greatly reduced prices to save us the trouble and expense of packing and removal.
Come and visit us any day next week. The sale will last for 7 days only—less it stocks are cleared sooner. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to obtain real bargains: reductions range from 15% to 30%, while certain surplus lines will be going at up to 50% off list prices.
Don't miss this chance! Our doors open at 9 a.m. on Monday 20 May.

[13] Offer of special trade discount Dear Sirs
In last summer's exceptionally fine weather we were so overloaded with late orders from most of our regular customers that we were unable to keep pace with the demand.
While we understand our customers' tear of overstocking, we are sure they will appreciate our position when we are suddenly flooded with urgent last- minute orders.
To encourage all customers to lay in a good opening stock this year, we are prepared to offer a special trade discount of 4% on all orders over Ј500 net value received before the end of the month.
Help us by helping yourselves!
Yours faithfully

[14] Wholesaler's special offer of woollen blankets Dear Sirs
A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to have the offer of the entire stock of the Hartley Blanket Company, which has now ceased to manufacture woollen products. We took advantage of this exceptional opportunity, and are now in a position to offer these famous all-wool blankets well below the market price.
This is a 'once-in-a-lifetime' opportunity, and we expect to dear our stock in a few days.
We must ask you, therefore, to give the enclosed special price list your immediate attention and to let us have your order at once.
Orders will be executed in strict rotation and can only be accepted as long as stocks last. Yours faithfully
[15] Specimen of a follow-up letter to a distributor to whom a catalogue was sent in response to his enquiry.
Dear Mr Morton
You wish to modernise your store-rooms with the most up-to-date shelving system yet devised: that is clear because you asked for our catalogue, which was sent to you earlier this month.
The next step lies, of course, with you. You could have a demonstration of the fitting of the lockshelf system in your own store-room, or see the combined units here in our showrooms.
You could test for yourself the wonderful adaptability of our system to all storage problems, by sending us a trial order for one 5 metre section, which comprises three units. Or if you have any special problems, you are welcome to our advice without any obligation.
You may be sure that whichever of our services you decide to use, you will receive our immediate attention. Yours sincerely




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